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Applied Enterprise AI

How will you lead in an AI first world?

Innovative Enterprises Leverage AI

Profit from Ai

Why Enterprises partner with us:

Connect with the heart of the Midwest AI community!

Meet peers in enterprise applied AI workshops and meetings.

Meet accomplished data scientists and graduates in the field.

Introductions to entrepreneurs excelling at AI innovation.

Gain insights from expert AI practitioners and researchers.

Accelerate internal AI innovation or augment via out/insourcing.

Updates on latest developments in the Midwest and beyond.

Create competitive advantage

Progress on your AI strategy

Find the resources and connections you need to succeed

AI Strategy development and or validation

Drafting AI value propositions

Defining AI problems in an actionable context

Building an AI team; talent development and acquisition

Workflow and pipeline mapping

Data strategies

Integration with current IT infrastructure 

ROI measurement & risk management

Destination AI creates , produces and partners to provide

Ai Opportunities for Enterprises

Many programs , connections and opportunities await.